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About Us

We possess an intimate understanding of the local housing market and construction regulations.

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Crafting Quality Homes

Founded in 2021, The US Construction Company is a premier construction company serving Orlando, FL, and the surrounding areas. With 8 years of combined experience, we specialize in a broad range of services targeting residential clients. Our core offerings include new construction, renovation, property management, and HOA maintenance, as well as cleaning services, and Septic System Installations.

At The US Construction Company, we understand that each home we build or renovate is more than just a structure—it’s a personal expression of the homeowners’ dreams and lifestyle. This is why we take the time to understand our clients’ specific needs and aspirations.

Our reputation for excellence has been built on delivering personalized, high-quality workmanship and a uniquely transparent approach to budgeting and scheduling. This commitment to every aspect of our work sets us apart from our competitors, along with our competitive pricing and the exceptional quality of our work.

We have a team of seasoned professionals knowledgeable about the industry and dedicated to staying ahead of the curve in construction trends and best practices. Our team works tirelessly to ensure every project is executed efficiently, on time, and within budget. We pride ourselves on our ability to overcome obstacles and find solutions that keep the project moving forward without compromising on quality.

We have a strong connection to the communities we serve in Orlando, FL, and the surrounding areas, and a deep understanding of the local housing market and construction regulations. This local knowledge, combined with our expertise and passion, enables us to provide an unmatched service offering to our clients.

At The US Construction Company, we’re more than just builders. We’re partners in turning your dreams into reality.

Uncompromising Quality

We prioritize delivering exceptional quality.

Customer Satisfaction as Our Priority

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering.

Driving Innovation and Continuous Improvement

We continuously strive for innovation and improvement.

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